A great way to offer your customers the next level of Lifestyle service and experiences and unmatched service.

uniQue – At a glance

Below is a summary of the things we feel sets our offering apart from your customers and your own perspective

  • Fully digital – uniQue offer your customers a great digital experience and access via web, app, chat, social media and newsletter. All working seamlessly together
  • High quality – We combine the digital experience with the important engagement of experienced Lifestyle Managers when needed. uniQue is not a self-service booking platform, it’s a service that delivers convenience, peace of mind and safeguard a quality experiences regardless if it’s a simple restaurant booking around the corner or a once in a lifetime trip
  • Inspiration – In addition to responding to any request from your customers, uniQue offers inspiration on all levels for your customers to explore themselves via the digital tools. uniQue is designed with a comprehensive Content strategy (see below) that secures the very best content from our partners.
  • Proactivity – The digital tools introduce a new level of proactivity via app, social media and newsletters. Your customers can themselves customize the level of proactivity and type inspiration that they preferer.
  • Branding & Customization – You can have uniQue look and feel exactly like your own current digital assets. We can customize the service, the content and technical integration to you needs and preferences. We can also work with a co-branded solution or under our brand. You decided.
  • Cost efficient – Enables you to engage with all your customer segments at the right cost and also by only paying for the actual use, not the access.
  • Low commitment – No large start-up costs or long contracts if you don’t want it. Scale up or down as you like and as we develop our cooperation
  • Customer satisfaction – Nothing is more important than to meet and aim to exceed the expectations of your customers. uniQue offers and encourages customers to give feedback on services and experiences. This way you will always be able to see how the important Customer Satisfaction Index develops over time and provide you with important insights.

Our Content strategy – Designed to inspire!

The digital content is there to allow your customers to get inspired and find out new things they can explore or experience for an afternoon, a weekend break, on a longer trip or just things that enhance everyday life. Perhaps your customers go for any of our suggestions or let our inspiration lead their thoughts on to something else they like us to help them with. Regardless our Lifestyle Managers are always there to get right on it.

Our Content strategy has been design to make this happen and to create a great customer experience. In addition you might like to add some of your own content that you feel develops your customer relationship. It can be done by creating a separate sections or just simply by inserting such content in the already existing structure of uniQue. For example, if you do customer events or seminars, you might like this to be included in the “What´s on” section or in weekly inspirational newsletter. There is really no limit to how we can “bridge” content.

Needless to say, all our content is selected and curated by our team to safe guard quality and customers satisfaction.

Below is an overview of the main section where all the content goes.

uniQue is good for your business!

We believe that our unique offering represent an opportunity for your to expand the relationship with your customer and create value for your customers by offering them a great service enhancing and simplifying their important personal lifestyle.

In addition, uniQue also promotes a number of important customer related key success factors and

Strong rational to choose uniQue

In addition, uniQue also promotes a number of important customer related key success factors such as

We will be happy to further discuss and provide you with more detailed information on how we could setup uniQue for your customers and how we incorporate this in your current customer engagement strategies in the very best way.