uniQue – A digital member experience where proactivity, inspiration and easy access is added to an already unmatched personal service.

uniQue provides a means of communication with members to inspire lifestyles with inspirational content, editorial features and idea articles. Members are also presented with unique offers and benefits from our partners such as holiday packages, hotel rate discounts and upgrades, product discounts and more. uniQue can be used to find and book recommended hotels, restaurants, cultural spots, sports, concert tickets or events. On the higher membership levels requests can also be placed for miscellaneous requests for anything such as booking more comprehensive holidays, finding specific products and items to purchase or arranging private chefs.

  • Preferences can by specified by selecting different levels of interest on the various content categories.
  • Articles/offers/benefits can be saved for future reading or bookings or forwarded to friends.
  • Communications are received via email, newsletters, social media outlets and push notifications.